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Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling


Potential Self team members are registered psychologists trained in evidence

based treatment for mental health conditions, relationship and family counselling,

child and adolescent behavioural problems and psychometric testing.

Potential Self can provide assistance with a broad range of mental health conditions

that impact and interfere with an individual’s cognitive, emotional, social,

or occupational functioning.

Areas of Assistance

Areas of Assistance

  • Adults and Young People

  • Alcohol and Drug issues

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Assertion Training

  • Childhood Disorders

  • Child Behavioural Problems

  • Communication skills

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Depression

  • Family issues

  • Health Concerns

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Leadership and management

  • Mental Illness

  • Motivation

  • Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour

  • Pain

  • Parenting

  • Phobias

  • Pregnancy Support

  • Problem solving

  • Professionals’ Support

  • Relationships

  • Self care

  • Self-esteem and well-being

  • Sleep

  • Stress management

  • Trauma and critical incidents

  • Work-life balance

If any of your concerns are not listed above, it does not mean that you can’t be assisted. Make an enquiry or initial appointment and discuss the options available to you. If your particular problems are assessed as being outside the expertise of your psychologist they may be able to assist you to find another professional more suited to your needs.


Letters, Reports and Completion of Forms

Potential Self is happy to supply documentation to support your needs. Any documentation that is completed outside of your appointment time will incur a fee for doing so.


Fees are based on the time taken to complete the document and at the rate of your session.

If you are aware that you may need documentation, please give as much notice as possible.


At least 14 days notice is appreciated when preparing documents for you. Lengthy and more complex documents may take additional time.

Although Potential Self appreciate life can happen, and we will do our best to assist you, it is always good to let us know, when you know, that you will need documentation support.

Group Workshops

Group Workshops

Potential Self offers a range of group programs, training and seminars. Contact the Potentials Self team to tailor a program that suits your specific needs.



Potential Self will deliver seminars, for you, your event and/or organisation.

Topics are varied and can be tailored to your organisational needs.

Fees for Seminar and Speaking services are based on group numbers and type of service required. Travel and accommodation costs may be incurred outside the Townsville area.

A lot of time is dedicated to attuning your seminar requirements to suit your needs. Once a seminar is confirmed, we require 14 days notice to cancel or reschedule the seminar to avoid incurring a 25% cancellation fee.

If you have booked a seminar, the following information will be helpful.

  1. Potential Self will provide a tax invoice to you following the presentation.

  2. In terms of set up of the room, please provide:

A data projector connected to a laptop computer. Our presenters will bring their presentation on USB (and CD as a backup).

An electronic/white board or butchers paper/board for writing during seminar content.

Handouts for the seminar will be made available. Articles for school bulletins or parents can be arranged.

Training Room

Training Room


Potential Self has a training room that is open for your venue. Contact Us to book the training room for your function.


For the Workplace

Potential Self offers a range of support for the workplace, for both the individual and for the organisation. This includes Conflict Resolution, Critical Incident Management and Traumatic Event Debriefing, Employee Assistance Services, Professional Debriefing, Staff counselling, Stress Management, and workshops tailored to your needs.


Employee Assistance Services

Employee Assistance Services are support services provided to staff within the workplace.

Potential Self services are designed to offer counselling and support to assist individuals to cope with concerns that affect them in the workplace, but also to maintain health in stressing environments by offering debriefing and reflection opportunities in a safe and healthy way.

The counselling is provided in a confidential non-judgemental environment away from the workplace location.

Employee Assistance Services let your staff know you care.

The services have been found to enhance the workplace environment by reducing employee stress and absenteeism and enhancing staff resilience and productivity.


Critical Incident Management

What are critical incidents?

Critical incidents are any extraordinary and unexpected circumstances that has the potential to cause a traumatic reaction

Critical Incident Stress Management is designed to help people deal with their trauma one incident at a time, by allowing them to talk about the incident when it happens without judgment or criticism. 


All interventions are strictly confidential, the only caveat to this is if the person doing the intervention determines that the person being helped is a danger to themselves or to others. The emphasis is always on keeping people safe and returning them quickly to more normal levels of functioning.

Potential Self can provide the continuity of care by continuing support options where needed. This can be accessed either through several ways such as Medicare, Private Health, Workers Compensation or with support from the employers Employee Assistance Services. 


See Rebates for additional information on options.

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