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Appointments & Fees

It is not necessary to be referred to see a psychologist, however referrals are welcome. Not having a referral simply means that you will incur the full cost of the fees yourself. (Click here for further information on rebates and referral options).

Booking Options

There are several options to make an appointment at Potential Self.


  • Book Online: This will take you directly to our online booking system where you will be able to make an online booking at a time that suits you, in our client portal. 


  • Online Enquiry: please feel free to use our online enquiry service, which will send an email to one of our administration team members and we will contact you and arrange a suitable appointment time. Any queries, fees and rebates may be explained to best support you. 


  • Telephone enquiry: Alternatively you may contact us via telephone and speak to one of our administration team members who will organise a convenient appointment time with you. Any queries, fees and rebates may be explained to best support you.

Appointment Options

Face to Face

50 minute sessions. Sessions commence on a weekly basis, continuing on a fortnightly, then monthly depending on your circumstances.


e-Psychology/Skype Sessions

50 minute sessions. Skype sessions are now available. If you wish to book a Skype session, please inform our admin team and they will forward you information on how this process will occur so it will run smoothly for you on the day.


Telephone Consultation

50 minute sessions.  Telephone consultations are available. It is preferred that you attend at least one face to face or skype session before you commence telephone sessions.

Booking Options


Appointments and administration staff are available between the following hours;

Monday                             Seminars and Workshops

Tuesday                              8:45am – 3:00pm

Wednesday                        8:45am – 3:00pm

Thursday                             8:45am – 3:00pm

Friday                                 Seminars and Workshops


What to expect from your sessions


On booking your initial appointment we will send you confirmation of your appointment. A courtesy reminder SMS text message will be forwarded to you two days prior to your appointment time. (Although we will send you a courtesy reminder, it is up to you to remember your appointment).

We request that on your first consultation that you attend half an hour prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out contact information, read and sign confidentiality and consent documentation, and complete assessment forms. Arriving early will give you time to complete this without pressure.

Your psychologist will meet with you in a confidential and comfortable environment and will allow on average up to 45 - 50 minutes per session.


Your first session will involve discussing your circumstances, enabling the psychologist to gather information to determine how best to assist you. At the end of the session, the psychologist will give you an idea of what options may be open to you to support your needs. Your psychologist will work with you to identify your goals and expectations of treatment, along with the formulation of a treatment plan.


Ongoing sessions with the psychologist aim to provide you with learning new tools and/or strategies to assist your circumstances. Your psychologist may attune the support they are giving you in align with the circumstances you find yourself in at the time of the visit. At other times they may follow a specific plan for support. Both approaches will always work towards your over riding needs.


Our service aims for you to be treated in a non judgemental manner, with respect to you, your cultural background and traditions.

What to Expect

Payment is to be made at the time of your appointment by cash, credit card or Eftpos facilities. If you are entitled to a rebate it will be processed after payment has been made.

On receipt of your referral, our team can process your Medicare rebate after your payment has been processed. Rebates generally take 1-2 working days to go into your account.


Or, alternatively, you may process your Medicare rebate yourself with your receipt.

At this time we are not able to facilitate processing of private health insurance rebates, though we do hope to have this facility up and running by the end of the year.


We will issue you with the necessary receipt to claim directly from your health fund in the interim.

Late Cancellations and Non Attendance
Late Cancellations

The Potential Self team prides itself on the care and concern that we give to our clients.


Whilst we realise that unexpected events and situations occur, we would appreciate 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment.


We understand that life is hectic, but we do require notice of cancellation or change of an appointment time by 12pm on the business day prior to your appointment.


Touching base lets us know that you are safe and we can then reschedule your appointment to another suitable time.


This will also give us the opportunity to offer the appointment to someone else on our waiting list.

Appointments not kept or cancelled at short notice (after 12pm the day before the appointment) will incur a fee for the cost of the consultation.

A courtesy reminder sms is forwarded two days prior to your scheduled appointment.


Occasionally network outages or zoning, may affect messaging, and ultimately it is up to you to remember your appointment.

If you are unable to make your appointment, it is your responsibility to contact us and let us know if you are unable to attend.

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